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The Top End Community Newspaper
                             ABN: 35 187 462 818
Contact Mitchell: 

The Top End Community Newspaper

ABN: 35 187 462 818
   Contact Mitchell: 0490 853 997 
PO Box 6054 Lake Munmorah NSW 2259

Advertising in The Top End is easy!

Decide which ad size is right for you (possibly by looking at other advertisements in The Top End), Start compiling what you want in the ad, once you have done that you can either email it to us or you can send it by the post: PO Box 6054 Lake Munmorah NSW 2259.

Once we have received the required information we will then forward it on to our graphic designer who will produce your ad for use in The Top End, Once we get back your artwork from the graphic designer, we will then forward it to you for your approval.    

File supply guidelines

The following guidelines are for those who wish to supply their own advertisements or are having a design studio/agency prepare their advertisement for them.


Adobe IIIustrator
All fonts in files should be converted to outlines. An IIIustrator EPS or Al file is acceptable.

Adobe Photoshop
Files should be saved as EPS, TIF or JPG. Files must be 300dpi to ensure quality reproduction. It is not recommended that text ads be supplied in this format unless file can be saved as 600dpi. Please ensure compression options are used for these formats.

* Corel files can be supplied as WMF files, with text created to outlines.
* Word & Publisher files cannot be accepted as font will not remain as they cannot be embedded - please supply hard copy print out and we will match as closely as possible - please state specific fonts used if we are matching an ad.
* If we have to scan a logo if there is no high resolution file, please supply clear, clean hard copy to scan from.

Ad sizes

Ad Size
Full Page                             206mm   x    140mm                                  
Half Page (Landscape)    93mm      x    140mm
Half Page (Vertical)          135mm    x    67mm
1/3 Page (Landscape)      67mm      x    140mm
1/3 Page (Vertical)           206mm   x    67mm
1/6 Page                            67mm      x    67mm

Advertising T&C's

There are no contracts necessary when you advertise with The Top End, However there are a few terms and conditions attached to advertising in The Top End,

  • 1) The issue deadline is the 14th of the month, the invoice amount including GST MUST be received in full by the issue deadline.
    • 1.1) If invoice isn’t received in full by the issue deadline The Top End reserves the right to withhold your advertisement without publication.
    • 1.2)  $10 admin fee may be applied to your account for invoices that aren’t paid in full by the issue deadline.

2) If you wish to cancel your black and white advertising it must be addressed to the editor of The Top End before the 5th of the month.

Colour advertising:

If you have a colour advertisement in The Top End, the following terms and conditions are attached to your advertisement,

  • 1) The total rate of colour advertising only includes the advertising space and GST, It does not include artwork, The Top End can arrange artwork by a professional graphic artist however that will be at the clients expense.
  • 2) If you wish to cancel your colour advertisement, It must be in writing addressed to the editor of The Top End by email or 
  • mail with At least ONE MONTH notice, this is very important as it difficult to find a colour client with short notice.